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Hillcrest Staffing assists hiring managers inside of law firms and corporate legal departments with finding top talent in the legal industry. We specialize in direct hire services at all levels found in the legal office setting. Including receptionists, assistants, legal support specialists, paralegals, associates, partners, and corporate counsel. Our clients receive highly qualified candidates who have been fully screened and vetted by our recruiters.


1. Contingent Searches

Hillcrest Staffing works on a contingency basis for its clients. We submit candidates for our client’s review with no obligation or charge. Client agrees to pay a placement fee only when one of Hillcrest Staffing’s candidates has been selected for hire and has begun to work.

2. Exclusive-Contingent Searches

Hillcrest Staffing’s client agrees to work exclusively with our recruiting agency for a specified period of time. In return, Hillcrest Staffing offers a reduced placement fee and will prioritize the job search over any contingent searches being conducted.

3. Retained Searches

A retained search provides our clients with the highest level of service and prioritization. This service is best suited for clients needing to conduct a timely, vital, complex, or potentially confidential job search. With an upfront fee, Hillcrest Staffing acts as the only source of candidate recruiting for the designated position.


Practice Areas

Hillcrest Staffing works with experienced lawyers, paralegals, and legal support staff through our constant recruiting initiatives, spanning all areas of law.

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