No, we are proud to work with professionals throughout the legal spectrum. If you have specialized experience in the legal workplace, we would love to hear from you. A partial list of legal positions we work with inside of the legal market include accounting, litigation support, office services, administrative, information technology, marketing, assistants, and human resources

No, our placement fees are paid by our hiring clients, and it costs you no money to allow us to work for you.

Working with a Hillcrest Staffing recruiter can alleviate the daunting task of job hunting. We provide valuable industry knowledge, expand your job search with private or unposted career opportunities, help distinguish you in an overly saturated market, and act as your liaison during the entire hiring process.

Great question! In today’s world videoconferencing has become quite the norm. However, the interviewing process could take on a varying mix of in-person, videoconferencing, and phone interviewing. This will depend on the client’s preferences as well as where you and the employer are geographically located.


It can differ on a case-by-case basis. In some instances, the hiring process can be very quick and be completed within a week. Other times, it can take several weeks or even months depending on several factors like the economy and the client’s timetable. We will keep you informed and updated on the timeframe throughout the hiring process.

There are usually a couple rounds of interviews with the employer. It can vary, and we will provide you with the interviewing steps that the hiring manager prefers.

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